Split – Diocletian’s Palace

*I’m typing this out of a Croatian bar in Zagreb at 4 in the morning. It’s more like a Croatian mamak with the smoking and loud radio playing in the background if you ask me.* 

*But I’m posting this up 11 hours after typing because I couldn’t get a steady connection at the Croatian mamak*

I spent three days in Split, along the coast of Croatia. Although I was there for an incredibly short time, I fell in love this sunny place almost immediately. It is protected by mountains and fed by the sea. The views here are absolutely breathtaking.

I’ve been staying in an Airbnb with a friend and it’s just in an amazing location. We have a giant room that we could definitely do a couple of pirouettes in. They also have a very cute dog who will do anything for food.

She will use those eyes to get anything.
She will use those eyes to get anything.

My Croation Fairy Godmother

Upon exiting the airport, I had trouble finding the bus stop that would take me to the city. That’s where I met my fairy godmother. (I have a feeling that I’ll be meeting many fairy godmothers in the next three months.) I asked if she was heading to Split too and she said yes. At this point, it was clear that I didn’t speak Croation and she didn’t speak English. We walked to the bus station together and tried conversing a little more. I found out that she was born and raised in Split. She offered me a sweet too. That was about it. When the bus arrived, we got on and she disappeared into the crowded bus never to be seen again.

Diocletian’s Palace

This dude was swimming in money back in the day, AD305 to be precise. His crib is ginormous. Today, it’s become a UNESCO heritage site, also a major tourist attraction. Apart from museums, there are loads of shops and cafes sprinkled all over the palace. It’s also where Game of Thrones is filmed and the famous tunnel where the Unsullied were ambushed and Khaleesi’s right-hand man, Ser Barristan was killed.

The Palace is always busy, with lots of restaurants that open into the courtyards. 

We (Sue Huey and I) visited the Cathedral and the Bell Tower in the palace. There’s a small entry fee for both places but we got into the Cathedral for free with a Split Card (get one at the Tourist Information Centre or a Hotel or a Travel Agency).

Outside the cathedral is the bell tower. It takes a lot of guts to climb up the steep stairs and the flimsy metal steps that seem to hang out of the air.