Bali part 2 – On almost drowning, literally.

I don’t know what came over me during my time in Bali, it’s like a switch went off and I wasn’t functioning properly. To top it all off, I almost drowned.

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Split – The Market, The Beach and My Bloody Birthday

After the palace, we wandered out beyond the very sturdy walls guarded by Roman soldiers (or really fit men in roman soldier uniforms, who knows really) and found ourselves in the market. I love local markets as I find it gives an authentic snapshot into the life of a local.

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Split – Diocletian’s Palace

First stop, Split. *I’m typing this out of a Croatian bar in Zagreb at 4 in the morning. It’s more like a Croatian mamak with the smoking and loud radio playing in the background if you ask me.*

*But I’m posting this up 11 hours after typing because I couldn’t get a steady connection at the Croatian mamak*

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