I began this blog after graduating from university in 2015. Having no plans for my life, and with some nudging from my parents, I decided to travel around Europe for three months while my student visa was still valid. Midway through travelling, I landed a job with a Swiss tech company with a sweet remote working arrangement. (It’s a long story.)

These days, from 9am – 6pm on Mondays to Fridays, I am a Product Marketer with a strong focus on content. I use words and sentences to improve the customer journey. I am also a spell chekcer and copy editor when needed. Other times, I’m a dreamer, a writer and a podcast addict. In between all that, I’m planning my next getaway late into the night.

Since starting this blog, I grew my career while travelling to over 30 countries, got robbed and went through a breakup while away from home. (Yes, I did pull a Taylor Swift.)

This blog is about my travels, experiences, hopes and fears. I do not promise in-depth travel guides or amazing recommendations on “where the locals go”, half the time I can’t figure it out myself. However, I do promise to write content that is honest, even if sometimes embarrassing or filled with expletives. It’s the best I can do for now.