The art of balancing work, life and travel as a digital nomad

There are two truths you need to know about me:

  1. I cannot cycle.
  2. I’m a night owl.

I’ve been in Eugene, Oregon for over two months now and given the timezone differences between Oregon and Interlaken (where my company’s headquarters are), I’ve had to get up a lot earlier than I’m used to. This is what I wish my days look like:

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Travel tip #1: Never forget your supplements


It’s important to take care of your health while travelling and supplements come in really handy when you’re feeling under the weather like I have been lately.

I travel with Vitamin Cs (for my immune system), Vitamin Es and Evening Primrose Oil (both for my skin). I carry all of these guys in one bottle and take it with me in my daypack everywhere I go. The sound of the pills dancing in the bottle as I open or close my bag often reminds me to take them.

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