Travel tip #1: Never forget your supplements


It’s important to take care of your health while travelling and supplements come in really handy when you’re feeling under the weather like I have been lately.

I travel with Vitamin Cs (for my immune system), Vitamin Es and Evening Primrose Oil (both for my skin). I carry all of these guys in one bottle and take it with me in my daypack everywhere I go. The sound of the pills dancing in the bottle as I open or close my bag often reminds me to take them.

My mother has also sent me sachets of probiotics which I take when I feel dull or grim or about to fall sick.

I tend to get anxious when I’m about to run out because I’ve been relying a lot on them to get me through the cold winter months. I love travelling but falling sick while travelling isn’t my favourite thing so here’s to taking care of myself a little better.

I’m trying out a new content format, quick bite-sized travel tips for those interested in simple tricks for travel. Let me know what you think!