Travel tip #4: Use foldable shopping bags for dirty laundry 

I learned about this in a video by Brittany Taylor and found it really clever. Instead of using a typical laundry bag that takes up a lot of space, or simply chucking it in with you clean clothes (sometimes) (okay who announced I kidding, most of the time) (yes my dirty knickers and socks are next to my fresh shirts, I know, stop judging me), this is such a clever solution. 

When you’re not using the bags for clothes, you can use it as a day bag or a shopping bag. You’ll want to find a bag that dries fast and packs down as small as possible. 

It’s about now that I wish I had bought the Swiss carrier bags made solely for tourists. They’re plastered with the Swiss flag but they’re tiny when packed up, slightly smaller than a business card.

Alternatively, you could use packing cubes that have sections in them to keep your clean and dirty separate. 

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