I spent the weekend washing my clothes, finishing up my food and packing for my two-week trip to Lisbon and Lyon!

As I put on my clothes that I had meticulously planned out, threw on my hoodie and coat like I used to a whole year ago and lifted up my backpack with a little jiggle so that it sits nicely on my shoulders, the rush of excitement kicked in and I know with crystal clear certainty that this is what I live for.

As I paced around my room anxiously almost exploding with excitement, I decided to think about what I was truly looking forward to.

1. Joseph Gordan Levitt and I breathing the same air. 

Oh yeah.

2. It’s my first ever tech conference.

I don’t actually know what to expect at a tech conference. I’m expecting Free WiFi, robot baristas and Mark Zuckerberg. Too much? I’m going with an open mind, ready to absorb everything like a tourist on overdrive, minus the selfie stick.

3. I can’t wait to learn from industry leaders.

I’m looking forward to scribbling in my notebook and frantically typing things out on Evernote when I do forget my notebook. I’m excited to know what other people think about the industry, what crazy rich companies are doing to advance tech and how we can use all that knowledge and expertise to advance society.

I’m really looking forward to asking people what they think about this and that, and why.

4. I’m hoping to be inspired.

For me, the best way to get inspired would be to put 50,000 people with similar interests in one venue, throw in some alcohol and get them talking. I want to learn about what other people are doing with their lives. I get the most inspired by other people and the stories they’ve written and continue to write with their lives. I hope to become something akin to a library with a collection of other peoples’ stories.

5. I’m also hoping to meet future collaborators and fellow hustlers.

The only way I got a ticket to this conference was with my vagina. No kidding. I got a free ticket because the organisers are trying to encourage more women in tech, that’s me! It might also be why there’s a whole series of talks dedicated to fashion. Bless them.

If I got a free ticket, I’m pretty sure other awesome vagina owners did too and I can’t wait to meet them and hopefully develop a bond over our mutual newbie-ness when it comes to gigantic tech conferences. I want to meet other women who are interested in travel and developing a location independent (but WiFi dependent) existence for themselves.

6. I can’t wait to explore Lisbon.

I’ve watched way too many YouTube videos of people exploring Lisbon and I can’t wait to get there. In the days, I’m going to stuff my face silly with egg tarts. At nights, I’d like to catch a few live music shows. We’ll see how that pans out.

7. I can’t wait to spend time with my friends and freagues (friend + colleagues).

I’ll be going to Lisbon with a few people from TrekkSoft as well as meet up with others while in Lisbon. A trip with people I love is severely needed right now and I can’t think of a better time for it than now.

Let the adventures begin! Follow me on snapchat @queenkow if you want to see what I get up to!