The amazing women of Tupche

Tupche is situated in Nuwakot, a district 4 hours away from Kathmandu. Just like all the other days in Nepal, we jumped into a 4-wheel-drive at 7am and began our journey.

The village is situated on top of a “hill”. Our Nepali partners promptly corrected us when we called it a mountain. They were affected by the 2015 earthquakes and a year on, they’ve been given goats by Heifer International, as well as training on how to take care of their livestock. TECH Outreach funded the project last year.

The impact of the livestock and the training combined was amazing. Compared to the other villages in Sindhuli, it was clear that the training had amplified the positive effects of rearing goats.

However, the community is now struggling to get through the drought this season. They’ve not been able to plant any vegetables, their main source of food and income. The land nearby, behind the “hill” has also been designated as a danger zone due to potential landslides as the earth there is not stable anymore. Many who own land there have not returned since the earthquakes. It is barren.

I’m constantly amazed at the resilience of these people. They’ve gone through so much yet they greet us with warm smiles and are thrilled to show us their livestock. It’s such a humbling experience, as cliché as it might seem.

Here are a tonne of pictures from this beautiful village.

Tupche 4
Yes, a goat walked into our meeting. We were also offered water! The town was going through a drought but their people still offered us WATER. COME ON. How big are their hearts???

Tupche 20