Where it all began

After graduating and not falling on my face despite my impractical Asos strappy heels, my family and I spent a week in Florence. It was great. Anyone who has ever been to Florence will tell you that it is nothing short of stunning, only made better by good food, good weather and very good alcohol. People are friendly, albeit a little boisterous at times.

Florence at night
Florence at night

We went on a day trip up North to Cinque Terre, visiting four small Italian villages tucked away in hills, framed by blue cloudless skies and glassy turquoise waters. We had breakfast in a little cafe by the sea and I was whining about how difficult it was to get an internship in London. Despite having a year’s work experience and a degree in Marketing, Management, Psychology and Behavioural Economics from Exeter, probably the best university in the world, I was unable to find a position that would pay. I had found a decent place to live with a retired nurse named Daphne, all I needed was a job that paid. (I can’t live off air! I’ve tried!) I wanted so badly to embellish my CV with work experiences in London. LONDON. But if I was completely honest with myself, the idea of staying in gloomy old England to work in freezing weather for another 4 months didn’t really excite me. But that was THE PLAN.

My parents told me, as they had done since I began university, that I had the rest of my life to work. “What’s the rush? Why not spend your last few months travelling?” Yes, my Asian parents said that. The conversation carried on with them telling me the plans they once had to see the world and what a secure job and adult responsibilities did to them. I’ve always known my parents to be a little unconventional but hearing those words opened up a whole new world for me. I had spent the last few days fantasising about moving to Florence, learning Italian and falling for some super suave European man who wouldn’t end up being a douche bag. Preferably 6 foot tall, dark hair and tan. Who is also smart, politically aware, well spoken and very hot. I think I’m describing a Disney prince here, or the plot to Eat Pray Love. I’m digressing..

The idea of exploring the world for three months, being a “nomad” as my sister called it, for THREE MONTHS, wow. I was so excited, like Leslie Knope winning that city council position but on a sugar high, kind of excited.

Source: http://magazine.good.is/articles/leslie-knope-feminism

Throughout the week, I began listing down the names of places I had read in books or seen in movies and on TV, wondering what it would be like to roam those streets, hike up those mountains, visit those museums – could that become something I get to experience, first hand? It was a tough decision and the uncertainty of it and the idea of being alone for so long, scared me. Yes, being alone is great, but it also scares me. I also knew I had to give up quite a few things, like a potentially kick ass job in London and relationships I developed and treasured greatly.

It’s been almost three weeks since I decided to pack up and GTFO of the UK. It’s been a tiring process but boy am I looking forward for what is to come.